Can you elaborate on the services PCH provides?

  When can we see the claim tracking status through the portal for the claims faxed by me?

  Do I need to register myself before I start using the services?

  What exactly is EDI?

  Will I be receiving training when I start to use the PCH system?

  Am I locked into sending all my payers to PCH?

  Can I get out of the contract with the PCH?

  Are there any hidden fees in the PCH Contract?

  How long does it take to get started?

  How will my practice benefit by using the PCH?

  Will I need any special equipment and/or software?

  Can I submit my claims online, right through the internet?

  Our office is behind in computers, software and technology; can we still use PCH system?

  We have never sent claims electronically, what will we need to get started?

  There are several formats and styles of claims, what type does PCH accept?

  How can I tell you that a claim should be printed and mailed?