Global PCH Solution

PCH is a web portal designed to handle different verticals of insurance industry not limited to health, life, dental, auto, mortgage, property and causality for servicing end to end processing of their request. The portal is backed with features required by any insurance industry vertical to get their service in one stop.

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How IT Works


Front end tool (PCH) helps different kind of user groups within the entity to access and perform the actions. Portal used to start the process, track the status and get the outcome with interactive dashboard and reports.

Data Aggregation

This PCH feature gather structured and unstructured data received in any format (Image and Text) from portal and other modes are consolidated according to the requirement and summarized for further processing. PCH allow you to send your information for processing in any format.

Data Enrichment

As PCH accept information in different formats, some of them are unstructured/illegible and these are taken care by this feature. It uses various technologies to enrich the received data for accurate processing.

Business Rules

Many of the business domains need to follow certain set of business rules, in PCH we use latest technology framework to build the dynamic business rules and can be customized according to the business. It enables automatic checkpoints in every process stages to ensure it follow the rules.


PCH workflow is designed to handle end to end procedure to get the outcome of process for any business segment we manage. Any process needs to cross multiple phase for the outcome and our workflow connect each phase with our technology expertise for the smooth flow. Each process stage can be tracked and reported if needed.

Payment Gateway

End-to-end payment processing capabilities and supports multiple payment modes and transactions. Payments can be managed through different channels like online, mobile, automated clearing house, etc. This feature ensures faster cash deposits and collections.

3rd Party Integration

PCH is capable of integrating with any of the existing third party systems for the business continuity or with any new third party systems can be integrated without any complexity.


Analytics is advanced solution for any of the business to get maximum gain hidden on their process. Configurable dashboards with dynamic drilldown capability providing real-time visibility and alerts for mission critical data.

Unified Communication Services

PCH is equipped with intelligent communication and presentment feature for automated engagement and response though any media channel like SMS, Chat, Voice, Print, Email, Mobile. PCH provide interactive web dashboard for their user to know all process metrics and key performance indicators for better decision making


Organized collection of data, information or documents which PCH process are stored in a centralized with highly secured and compliant environment. These can be used for future references. It offers backup and restoration to ensure business continuity at any case.

  • Portal
  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Business Rules
  • Workflow
  • Payment Gateway
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Analytics
  • Unified Communication Services
  • BoxOffice


Year Experience


Service Centers Worldwide


Insurance clients across globe covering Health, Auto, banking, etc


Top global banks


Follow all industry standards and compliance for our processes

PCH Values


  • Achieve Productivity Gain by reducing repetitive tasks and by enabling clean submission
  • Achieve consistent Quality through process triggers
  • Multi Lingual capabilities
  • Constant correction feedback through analytics from each downstream process resulting in overall process improvements
  • Change requests managed within workflow and tracker to minimize the time and cost
  • Quicker ROI

Business Values

Business Values

  • Very short deployment cycle configurable capabilities
  • Minimal capital investments
  • Training & Helpdesk support
  • Certifications from Banking & Financial, Healthcare industry
  • US federal and State Agencies including VA and other agencies environment deployment certification

Business Values

Business Values

  • Flexible Pricing Models tasks and by enabling clean submission
  • Transaction pricing leading to use based costing model


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